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Happy Easter from Angela!

Hey Kayla, really cool blog. I've been trying to track down images of some rare lizard skeletons (or just skulls). Varanus species: keithhornei, yuwonoi, jobiensis, mitchelli, timorensis, scalaris, glebopalma, pilbarensis, brevicauda, kingorum, primordius, storri, melinus, biviittatus, togianus, cumingi, nebulosus, panoptes, rosenbergi, giganteus, mertensi, spenceri, baritji. Got any leads? My googleprofile is under DanielleWasserman.

Thanks very much, as for the skeleton pictures I would say if you cant find any images online maybe try contacting local herpetology clubs to see if they have any reference photos. I unfortunately don’t have anymore to go one really, sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

I know that this is not herpetology related but it is still a very important ecological issue. If it is of any interest to you please take the time to sign the petition. Shark finning is a cruel practice which damages the ecosystem in many ways.

Mexican Black King Snake (Lampropeltis getula nigritus)

  • Also known as the desert black or Western black king snake
  • Found in Southern Arizona, Western Sonora and Northwestern Sinaloa, and Mexico
  • Occasionally gives a warning by rattling its tail, presumably attempting to mimic rattlesnakes
  • Prefer to prey on lizards and snakes
  • Tend to do very well in captivity under proper researched husbandry

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Mexican Black Kingsnakes please :)

Sure thing!

Could you do a post about Kenyan Sand Boa care requirements?? I'm looking to get one, and was curious how to care for them.
What courses and college are you taking? I've been wanting to become a herpetologist since forever

I am going to college for Captive Wildlife Care and Education but with a personal focus in Herpetology. I take courses in animal health, animal training, as well as courses on animal behavior and physiology.

is an Asian water monitar a reptile or a amphibian



American Crocodile, Flamingo, Everglades NP.


American Crocodile, Flamingo, Everglades NP.