Reptiles and Amphibians!

Blue Poison Dart Frog

  • Their habitats extend from the tropical forests of Costa Rica to Brazil
  • Their coloring, which depends on their individual habitats, can be yellow, gold, copper, red, green, blue, or black
  • These frogs use tactic called aposematic coloration, which simply means having bright colors and very distinct patterns to ward off predators about their toxins to avoid being eaten
  • Male Poison dart frogs are exceptionally devoted in parental care, sometimes exclusively taking care of the young and “backpacking” them (carrying the eggs or tadpoles on their back)
  • The two-inch-long golden poison dart frog has enough venom to kill 10 grown men
  • Indigenous Emberá people of Colombia have used its powerful venom for centuries to tip their blowgun darts when hunting, hence the genus’ common name “Dart Frogs”

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